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28th September, 2007 at 00:12:58 -

Not to say that I'm dropping my RPG project completely--as I've been known to do with many others--but I'm thinking of taking a break from it for a little while to work on a different project instead.

This would be going back to an old project I started on long ago and revised countless times after years of very little progress. It has taken the names "Star of Fantasy," "Animi Memoria," and "WINGS~Sky of Hope~." And the name is likely to change even again.

The central idea of this project was to be a crossover of various Nintendo series that follows the story of a cast of original characters--kind of like Kingdom Hearts with Nintendo characters. The storyline wouldn't be my main focus, but I'd give plenty of attention to it to ensure that the plot is considerably more immersive than that of the typical platformer.

I specialize in making sprites, so I'd use original graphics for the entire game. But not just any original sprites though--up until now, I'd never given too much of a unique art style to my sprites, so I'm thinking of giving this game a unique look to it, making the graphics resemble my hand-drawn artwork. Somewhat like Yoshi's Island, except with less fluid animation (to conserve time).

In any case, however, my goal would be to mostly focus mostly on gameplay. What I'm hoping to make is a highly versatile and action-packed sidescrolling platform game--something, maybe, like combining the fast pace and skillful level design of Super Mario Bros. with the depth of Kid Icarus. And of course, I'm hoping I can go beyond all that as well.

So I'm posting this here, hoping to see what people think and to get some ideas, especially for the gameplay.



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28th September, 2007 at 00:23:41 -

summery for those who like short sentences:

--he's renamed his project a lot
-he's good at sprites (i saw some of them, they are really good)
-he wants to make a new gamely style for side scrolling
-give him/her your ideas

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4th October, 2007 at 04:19:40 -

Lol, that sounds like what I usually type here every year or so.

Don't bother with names so much. Eventually, someone will give it a wierd nickname that'll stick with it forever

Make a 3D RPG/Action. That'll earn you more respect (and jealousy) throughout the community

Disclaimer: Any sarcasm in my posts will not be mentioned as that would ruin the purpose. It is assumed that the reader is intelligent enough to tell the difference between what is sarcasm and what is not.


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