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11th October, 2007 at 05:19:35 -

First off: No prizes I'm afraid, this is just for fun.

Make your own click MOVIE!!


It must tell a story, covering multiple scenes (more than one). So no small one-liner joke animations. It's a MOVIE.
It can be any length between a minimum of 10 minutes, and a maximum of 1 hour.
It must be put together using a click product (KnP, TGF, CnC, MMF or any 2nd Gen equivalent, like MMF2. You can use Construct if you want/can, but remember it's a beta, and if people can't run your movie, they will mark you down)
It must be sprite-based. Don't just make a screen-sized animation in Flash and import it into MMF. The movie must play like an in-game cutscene, using game-style sprites and characters. You can, however, use apps like Flash or Graphics Gale to design the sprites' animations.
Although it's sprite-based, try and get as much sprite animation in there as possible. So if the character says "Umm... I dunno?", then make him shrug as he says it.
It needs music and sound effects. Voice-overs are not required. Where there are no voiceovers, use speech bubbles or some other way of showing who says what. If you DO voiceovers, it might be nice to have a subtitle option, in case no one understands your accent!
Try and make it as much like a movie as possible. Transitions between scenes, an intro title and credits will all help.
Team projects are allowed, but mention how many are in your team when you submit your movie. If there are two equally cool movies, people may favour the one made by fewer people, as it's a greater achievement.

These are more like guidelines than actual rules. Just have fun.

Who Will Judge!?

You all will. Each movie, when complete, will be submitted to the Downloads section with a note in the title to show that it's part of this competition; E.g.

"MOVIE - Crouching Cowboy, Hidden Wagon"

It'd be wise to post a link to this thread in your description, in case some people didn't see it.

In the comments, users can post their own ratings. Only the ratings of users who joined before today (11th Oct 2007) will be counted. You can give marks out of 100. So in your comment you may write:

"Lol, not bad! 85/100!"

Always make sure you add the /100 at the end so people who may not have seen this thread can cotton on to the rating scheme.

When the compo ends, another month will be left for ratings to accumulate (so if you posted your masterpiece on the last day, it has a month for people to notice it and rate it). Then all the ratings are totted up and a winner selected based on them.

Any thoughts?

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11th October, 2007 at 07:53:28 -

Sounds good, but 10 minutes is far too long for me. I made a video in MMF2 a while back. It's only just over 2 minutes long and it took me 2 months =/


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11th October, 2007 at 08:06:55 -

so many 's its too good to be true ;__;



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11th October, 2007 at 08:14:42 -

Slink: Depends how you make it, how complex it is. Fight scenes can take AGES, but a basic story's pretty quick. And this compo would go on for 3 months, I forgot to mention that.

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