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16th March, 2010 at 06:58:11 -

Just wanted to congratulate Clubsoft and Rikus for their efforts. TDC Arcade is awesome! Very solid programming and cool design, etc, etc, the list of positive things is endless. Below some thoughts and a few suggestions for improvement that came to my mind.

It will surely become a great portal for casual click games and hopefully attract also some new "casual gamer" type of members who sign up for just playing the games. Now it's of course just us TDC users aka clickers who are using the Arcade but I would love to see the member base expanding in the future. It's totally possible when the game selection starts to grow and when Flash wins over Vitalize.

I'd prefer a sign up form inside the Arcade site rather than redirecting the user to The Daily Click main site for registration, because when/if the Arcade starts to get those gamer type of users, it makes the user experience smoother if the sign up process takes place on the Arcade site itself and not some other site which they probably have never visited (although under the same domain).

The front page of the Arcade could already emphasize the games a bit more. You have the "recently played" at the bottom of the front page, which is good, but I would make them even more visible for the user right away and replace the "Latest Arcade News" with (top) games --> as easy and fast as possible access to the games for the new users to increase conversion and minimize bounce rate, and relocate the News to where the "recently played" are now, so switching the places basically.

More importantly, I would really like to see the download section of TDC to make it possible directly to submit content to the Arcade. I.e. Downloads --> Submit Content --> Site: Arcade/TDC, if the file meets the criteria in terms of format, resolution, etc. This is to maximize the flow of new content to the Arcade site from developers. It's also essential that no mfa files need to be sent to anywhere, but so that developers can integrate some kind of a Arcade high score template to their games and make them Arcade-compatible themselves and submit only the swf file to the system. In the longer run, this is what is needed to make it developer friendly.



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16th March, 2010 at 13:13:16 -

Agreed. The arcade is awesome, even if a lot of the current games suck.

It would be great if there could be some kind of arcade extension that you put in your game to take care of submitting highscores to the arcade - it would surely save the admins a lot of time and effort.

You're right about the non-clickers too. There are already quite a few names on the scoreboards that I don't recognise from the forums etc.

Also, I'm hoping one day, in the distant future, it will be possible to have multiplayer games on the arcade - eg. Pong with two humans, playing for credits. I realise that won't be coming any time soon though.



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16th March, 2010 at 20:25:07 -

I agree with the above posts, however as well as this i have to say, i am well impressed with the Arcade section

Nice work Clubsoft and Rikus!


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