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  16/08/2021 01:48:52
16th August, 2021 at 16/08/2021 06:37:03 -

I've never really made any games with Multimedia Fusion before, but I did used to play a lot of freeware games back when I was younger, and I see that some of them came from this very community!

Hats off to the developers of these games for providing me with many hours of entertainment during a time when I had almost no money and my computer was a potato that could barely even play flash games. Some of my favourites:

Zone Runner
Zone Runner 2
Eternal Daughter
Within a Deep Forest

I didn't discover this game till much later but it was fun too:

Lyle in Cube Sector

I don't know how relevant this is since the following aren't from TDC, but here's a couple other 2000s era freeware games I enjoyed that were also made with Clickteam software:

I Wanna Be the Guy



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16th August, 2021 at 16/08/2021 17:01:59 -

Hello Andrew and welcome to TDC. It's good to hear you've had so much fun out of Click games, and I agree that all of those games are definitely classics.

Links to the games you listed for those who are interested in checking them out:
Zone Runner by Euphoric Rush DX: and
Zone Runner 2 by Chris Street / Euphoric Rush: and
Eternal Daughter by Blackeye Software: and
Within a Deep Forest by Nifflas / Nicklas Nygren: and - Nifflas has recently released a non-Click game on Steam at
Lyle in Cube Sector by BogoSoft: and[BogoSoft].html
I Wanna Be the Guy by Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly:
Wilkanoid by Wiley (Wilhelm von Post): and

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