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18th February, 2022 at 18/02/2022 11:07:45 -

Not fair!! I charge around 2$ or 3$ for a game but a stupid picture of a bored monkey is sold for thausands on NFT websites!! How come?!

My games are a scammy bussiness too, I admit.
Low quality that does not worth the price
But compared to a picture of a stupid bored monkey it should be me who sell my games to all these suckers around!! and the Click-Store are the places for my products! Do not let NFT scam you!
Be a sucker and buy my games instead!

At least all you spend is 2$ per each and not thausands on nothing!!
And you were against me all these years for scamming you! Fuck that! You can buy my games 1000 times for 1 bored ape!!

Damn you everyone!! What is wrong with this earth?!


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