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29th March, 2022 at 29/03/2022 22:13:14 -

After many years I figured this out. After doing array level editors and checking values inside the arrays, if its a obstacle or not. I found there is a test for obstacle. Now you can check for your 2d games. If a enemy is near an obstacle left, right up and down or what ever coordinate you wish. I wish i knew this years ago. I Linked an example you can see for yourself, This is based on a 32x32y tile grid for example you can have what ever values you want.

only 5 events.

Hop+e its useful for you as it was for me.

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  21/04/2018 19:13:09
30th March, 2022 at 30/03/2022 07:15:34 -

It works pretty well surprisingly, and will definitely be a replacement for path movements in games for some.

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