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New Baby Born: Julia
News posted 21st April, 2005 by Rikus  

Hi Folks, i'm happy to announce the birth of my first baby girl: Julia. She was born April 21st at 6:00am in the morning. Both mom and baby are doing great. It been a very hard 48 hours but the baby is here! Wow, can you believe it, your Dc-Admin is getting older and is now a dad:) I hope you want to celebrate this great event with me by posting some nice comments on this events, then i can print them out for her to see at a later age. Thanks guys!

Click here for a new picture of Julia.

Click here for another new picture of Julia.

Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 21st April, 2005

She's beautiful! Congrats to you and your wife! :)
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 21st April, 2005

That's awesome. Congratulations from me and from the rest CrobaSoft-crew !
Posted by columbo borgi :C 21st April, 2005

Congrats ;>
Posted by Dirk Forster 21st April, 2005

Nice work, man. All the best wishes for her from Germany...
Posted by X_Sheep 21st April, 2005

{celebrate} Congratulationizer!
Posted by Zane 21st April, 2005

Congratulations rikus and family :).
Posted by Joshua M. 21st April, 2005

Awww. Congratulations, Rikus! :)
Posted by Silveraura 21st April, 2005

Beautiful Rikus, congrats! Good luck, & dont forget bout us, ok? X-D Ahh, go head, we'll keep things under control here *cough*.
Posted by Pete Nattress 21st April, 2005

I might as well go with convention and say congratulations as well!
Posted by Tigerworks 21st April, 2005

Wow, congratulations!
Posted by X_Sheep 21st April, 2005

Vote for Baby of the Week! ;)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 21st April, 2005

Congrats dude.
Posted by Leerz 21st April, 2005

WOW!! Congrats RIKUS ohh.. she's pretty! :)
Posted by The Chris Street 21st April, 2005

Congratulations Rikus, glad everything went ok :) She looks cute :D
Posted by axel 21st April, 2005

{celebrate} yay! congratulations!
Posted by Klikmaster 21st April, 2005

Wow, what a nice thing to say Willy :p Congrats Rikus!
Posted by Hayo 21st April, 2005

Congratulations Rikus :)
Posted by Yai7 21st April, 2005

Your'e about 24 years old!!! So soon???
Posted by Faithtoken 21st April, 2005

"It's unfare for such a broken world, to get such a pretty girl."
Posted by Andi Smith 21st April, 2005

A young klikker in the making? :D I look forward to Julia's first entry for GOTW :);) Congratulations mate :)
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 21st April, 2005

Congratulations Rikus :) And i hope all's going well.
Posted by Mr. Long 21st April, 2005

Congratulations! She's cute!
Posted by DaVince 21st April, 2005

Congratulations Rikus! (it seems the word 'congratulations' is being called a LOT here... :D)
Posted by Astral_86 21st April, 2005

CONGRATULATIONS for the adorable baby! :D
Posted by amehrban 21st April, 2005

Such as lucky person , I hope you and your wife and your cute baby have the best time forever!!! Congragulations!!!
Posted by hop 21st April, 2005

Awesome Rikus! Good luck and have a great time as a father!
Posted by Cybermaze 21st April, 2005

Congratulations from me too :) Say, she has a lot of hair for a newborn, are you sure you did not hide the event for us for some time (just kidding of course)?
Posted by Jamesbuc 21st April, 2005

awwww. Congratulations.
Posted by Beeb 21st April, 2005

Awesome, hope things go well for You and Your Family.
Posted by Hanzc Gregor 21st April, 2005

she is beautiful, congrats man, the best 4u and your family !
Posted by Bartman 21st April, 2005

Wow, bravo. Bravo.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 21st April, 2005

Heh, prepare for the lack of sleep state that comes with child rearing. Congrats and good luck!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 21st April, 2005

Posted by -Vinny- 21st April, 2005

good job rikus! but don't you think she might feel a bit awkward, when she realizes that you posted her pic on the net for evreyone to see? XD anyways, you've done good, now go have some rest (48 hours man, that's a lot of sleep lost)
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 21st April, 2005

Til hamingju! I don't suppose you understood that, but that doesn't matter :) PS: I DIDN'T say anything that isn't nice.
Posted by clwe 21st April, 2005

Congratulations!...and yeah, it's time to start sleeping with one eye open ;)
Posted by Hill Gigas 21st April, 2005

Congrats Rikus! You did good. I'll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite songs: "Daddies, don't let your daughters grow up to be klikkers..." ;)
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st April, 2005

2 words NastyMan; body clock ;) congrats Rikus, you must be a very proud man right now. good luck too :) good timing this. a mate at uni has just become a father too!
Posted by les0985 21st April, 2005

Congratulations! and best of luck to you all, may God bless your new family!
Posted by Joe.H 21st April, 2005

congrats rikus ^_^
Posted by ChrisB 21st April, 2005

Congradulations, I hope you slept constantly in the last few months because you're not going to get any in the next few...
Posted by Cazra 21st April, 2005

Those 48 hours must have seemed like forever! Congrats!
Posted by Assault Andy 21st April, 2005

Congratulations! {celebrate}
Posted by Ski 21st April, 2005

CONGRATULATIONS!... Your first baby girl? Does that mean there'll be more? hehe my mum said she has a good head of hair on her and shes jealous! (not of the hair of the baby lol!)
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 21st April, 2005

Congratulations Rikus, best of luck to you and all your family, glad to see your all doing alright and your baby is well!
Posted by hishnak 21st April, 2005

Yay Rikus...I'm tired of people saying congratulations, So I'm saying PICKLED BEATS!
Posted by 醤油の兵士 21st April, 2005

Snoitalutargnoc! Enjoy being a father
Posted by -Vinny- 21st April, 2005

lmao, now there's full of birth ads at the bottom of this page XD good going rikus and family
Posted by Radix 21st April, 2005

Hoorah! So... if an admin has a baby, is the kid an admin as well?
Posted by Jetstar 21st April, 2005

Wow Rikus! Congrats! Hope she reads these wonderful comments in the future. ~Jetstar (1# fan!)
Posted by Smeggy 21st April, 2005

Congratulations Rikus. :)
Posted by RapidFlash 21st April, 2005

Posted by Jack Galilee 22nd April, 2005

Congrats Rikus, although I do sense a lack of updates due to tiredness from babdy pissing you off at night!
Posted by Ben 22nd April, 2005

Congrats Rikus
Posted by Bradá 22nd April, 2005

It would be great to have a compo in the future called "Amuse Julia" where the person who makes a game that keeps the then 3 or 4 year old Julia entertained the longest wins. Might be fun.
Posted by -Vinny- 22nd April, 2005

that's always an exciting idea, i've thought of it myself before, see if you can make a game, that's both fun, yet easy to play i'm guessing that the best game for a baby/toddler would be a game that has many different reactions depending on what's pressed on the keyboard, where it would spark the baby to repeat enjoyable reactions, it's also learning fun! XD (yes, i'm serious, you idiots)
Posted by Al 22nd April, 2005

Congratulations! :)
Posted by CYS 22nd April, 2005

"OH A FEMALE KLIKKER!" Ahem, congrats!
Posted by Teapot 22nd April, 2005

I agree with smeby, you need to buy lots of paper and drawing things. That's just how it works. Good work mate, you're in for at least 18 years of agony (and time, agony and time), but it'll be worth it... or will it? Yes, yes it will.
Posted by axel 22nd April, 2005

70 comments in less than one day. That's got to be some kind of record! she's become world famous in one day ^_^
Posted by MIG2 22nd April, 2005

Congratulations :) :)
Posted by ds-guru 22nd April, 2005

Congratulations to you and your family. :)
Posted by matt-e-h 22nd April, 2005

awww so cute, congrats! :)
Posted by Erik 22nd April, 2005

Congratulations Rikus on the beautiful new adition to your life. I hope you are as good a father as you are an admin. =) Julia is a realy beautiful name. A friend of mine also had a daughter a couple of months ago and they also decided on the name Julia. I wish you, your daughter and your wife great happiness in the future.
Posted by colej_uk 22nd April, 2005

Congratulations :D
Posted by DeadmanDines 22nd April, 2005

Julia: Your Dad is really an evil genius. He owns Cuba. Secretly. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but it's true. Just don't let him finish his plans for world domination! I'm sorry, Julia. Tis thine destiny. :( (ps: Has anyone seen my pills?)
Posted by ChrisB 22nd April, 2005

They're in the bin. Sorry.
Posted by Simon Colmer 22nd April, 2005

well done Rikus, you rock, well done on your new baby girl, and well done to Mrs Rikus! YAY :D
Posted by Nick of All Trades 22nd April, 2005

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy fatherhood.
Posted by Iv4n 22nd April, 2005

Congratulations from me! What a cute baby you've got :).
Posted by Simon Elo 22nd April, 2005

How cute. :) Honestly. I wish happiness to you and your family. Raising a child can be hard sometimes, but the good moments pay for it all! :D
Posted by Weston L 22nd April, 2005

best wishes from Arizona (USA)!
Posted by Gus Stevenson 22nd April, 2005

April 21st, eh? One day after my birthday! Congratulations, you win!
Posted by Whatkin 22nd April, 2005

Congratulations. You got a pretty kid there. Take care of her. :)
Posted by Hagar 22nd April, 2005

Congrats Rikus and family! :-)
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 22nd April, 2005

How do you do that smilie anyway? :celebrate:
Posted by vortex2 22nd April, 2005

Hey Congratulations and best of luck you will need it ^_^.
Posted by Joe.H 22nd April, 2005

no no, chris. you fed them to the penguins at the zoo, remember?
Posted by Jason Orme 23rd April, 2005

Welcome to the big bright world Julia.
Posted by Joshtek 23rd April, 2005

Good luck with the kid. Note for the future: I know Rikus is the President now (how did that happen?!), but he used to be a popular admin for a community site called The Daily Click (before it floated on the stock market). Oh, and by the way, Multimedia Fusion used to have a 2D interface, wouldya believe it?
Posted by Rikus 23rd April, 2005

Thanks for the comments guys! Thank you so much! Both Julia and mom are doing great and i uploaded 2 more pics for you all to have a look at.
Posted by Spork 23rd April, 2005

Benedeces su ni˝a de guapa y su esposa de bonita! Beuno suerte Ud. :)
Posted by pulsecode 23rd April, 2005

AHHH! Congratulations mate! Glad to hear they are both doing great!! :) Excellent news... daddy! ;)
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 24th April, 2005

What a beautiful baby!!! :D Congratulations to you and your wife and I wish you to "see her as you want" in the future. (It's a greek wish... ) And you have to change your DC-rating to Daddy or something like that!!!! ;)
Posted by izac 24th April, 2005

awwwwwwwwwww:) what a cuty pie congratulations
Posted by Penguin Seph 24th April, 2005

Congratulations! A note from the past, to the future: If you can find a time machine, please come back in time and tell me if the X-Box 3 will be any good? Also, money would be nice.
Posted by Willy C 24th April, 2005

you deleted my post! :( didnt mean to be rude. Best of luck to you, and if she ask for a monkey when she grows up - give it to her! I never got one :'(
Posted by NeTRaY [PL] 24th April, 2005

Best wishes for this pretty baby and congratulations to the father from Poland:). Najlepsze zyczenia z Polski dla slicznego bobaska i gratulacje dla swiezo upieczonego tatusia :).
Posted by Marine Paloesha 24th April, 2005

Congradulations Rikus on your new child!
Posted by Felix.S 26th April, 2005

Best wishes from New Zealand :D
Posted by JP 26th April, 2005

100th comment, cute baby!
Posted by Radix 27th April, 2005

Comment 101, the scary one. Boo.
Posted by Muz 28th April, 2005

Ah, the wonders of technology. Where thousands of people could see a newborn child and say "congrats!" in unison to the new kid of a guy they've never even shook hands with :P. I wonder if she'll grow up to be the type who goes, "DAAAD!! How could you post all those blogs about me to all those NERDS who hang around the internet all day?! You've been doing this to me ever since I was born! Now that tall cute guy with the really thick glasses in school keeps asking me how the hell I could make a time-space engine when all I could make is false XYZ engine! All YOU make are crappy platformers! How could you do this to me!! (teenage rambling, etc, etc) XD Either way, a belated congratulations, Rikus! Take good care of her... :D
Posted by ben mercer 29th April, 2005

Beautiful baby, good luck to you and your wife.
Posted by Rikus 29th April, 2005

Thanks for all the great comments! I'll be sure to print them all out, i put a new recent picture of her on the front page now.
Posted by Airflow 1st May, 2005

Congratulations! ;) ... Awww :)
Posted by Wormware 2nd May, 2005

Congratulations! :D


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