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Project: Alex & Friends' Quest
Project Started: 21st April, 2018 Last Update: 17th June, 2018
Project Owner: BigAl0104 Project Members:
Project Type: Action-Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview It seems that someone has created an evil clone of you named Alexoor, who was created to kidnap all of your friends and take over your very own fantasy world which is based off your favorite childhood video games.

You begin with one character, Alex, who embarks on a quest to rescue his friends, and stop the evil Alexoor from taking over your fantasy world. As you beat the different seven stages, you will unlock new friends to play as on your quest.

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Attack
X: Special Attack
Shift: Jump
Shift (x2): Double Jump
TAB: Exit Stage
P: Pause Game (Not in DEMO)
Esc: Exit Game

Note: In order for the game to save properly, you MUST go to the character select screen every time you exit a stage or whenever you get to the end cutscene (press enter), otherwise the game will not save your progress! (This will be fixed, the game will save at the character select screen, but the game will also read the save file at the title screen, and it will also save at the end cutscenes)


Download Ext. DEMO:

Game by: BigAl0104
Game created with: Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created with: MS Paint
Inspired by "Doomsday Picnic RPG", a game made by Scott Cawthon!

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Full Game Progress Report #4
Posted 17th Jun 18, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment

Hey guys, once again, it's been a while, so I thought I'd tell you how's it been with the game. It's going great so far, I'm not fully done with stage seven, but I'm currently working on level 3. The stage's theme is gonna be "Donkey Kong 64" and its name is gonna be "Monkey Isle". This one will take me a while because the boss battle that I have planned will take me probably a while to make. I've also uploaded a screenshot from level 3 here on the devlog. Once I finish Monkey Isle, I will get started on working on the final stage since I already have some sprites for it. Thanks for reading this, and be patient, it's almost here for you guys, and if you haven't already, I've made a little short game called Man-Pac, so please check it out if you're interested. See ya guys next time!

EDIT: As of 6/18/18, this stage has been finished, only one more stage to go!

Full Game Progress Report #3
Posted 2nd Jun 18, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment
Hey guys! Now how in the heck did I get to this point already?! I mustíve been going pretty fast on making this game. The reason why is because Iíve just finished school and now I have all the time to fully work on the game. But anyway, I wanna announce that I am not officially done with the sixth world, I just started working on its third level, but I wanna already reveal the stage to you guys since I took a screenshot of the second level which I've added to the project page. The stageís theme is gonna be ďSonic 3D BlastĒ and its name is gonna be ďHedgehog LandĒ. Once again, I will add another screenshot from the stage so that you guys get yet another glimpse of a new stage in the game. Iím still working on level 3, but I will have it done by probably by the end of the week, but the boss battle will take a while to make because the battleís gonna be a bit different than the other stages. Thatís all for today, stay tuned for more updates and info about the game and I'll see ya guys next time!

EDIT: As of 6/3/18, this stage has been finished, now on to the seventh stage!


Full Game Progress Report #2
Posted 21st May 18, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment

Hey guys, howís everyone doing? I have some exciting news to share with you guys, but first of all, no I am not done with the fifth stage just yet, Iím still working on its second level. Itís taken me so long to finish this stage because Iíve been very busy with other things and I havenít got the time to finish the whole stage, and the thing is that Iím almost done with school, and this is gonna be my last week of school and then my summer vacation will start and Iíll have plenty of time to finish the fifth stage and maybe even finish the entire game, but Iíll see what happens. Now, onto the exciting news, even though I am not done with the fifth stage, Iíve decided to just show you what the stage is gonna look like by adding another screenshot here on the project page. The stage is gonna be "Super Mario 64" themed and its name itís gonna be ďPlumberís WorldĒ. I will continue to work on this stage, but Iím not gonna announce that I finished it, just pretend that as the days pass, I will be done with it, and I can just make another post, but for the sixth stage. Anyway, thatís all I wanted to share with you guys, so excited to be really far on this project because this is gonna be my greatest project yet and I canít wait to release it fully. So stay tuned for more updates, and I'll see ya guys next time!

EDIT: As of 5/26/18, I've finally finished working on this stage, now on to the sixth stage!

Full Game Progress Report #1
Posted 30th Apr 18, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment
Hey guys, I just wanted to make this post to announce that I've finally finished working on the fourth stage for the full game. If you've played the DEMO that I uploaded on this website, you'll notice that all of the stages will be video game based, and for this fourth stage, the theme is gonna be "Perfect Dark", and the stage's name is gonna be "Perfect Base", I've added a screenshot so that you can get a little glimpse of what the stage looks like, it's actually the boss battle. It took me a little while to finish this stage, but I've finally finished it, and now I can move on to making the fifth stage, and I won't reveal the theme until I finish it. Stay tuned for more updates guys and please try out the Ext. DEMO if you haven't already or try out my very first game, Dracula if you haven't already as well, and I'll see ya guys next time!


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